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Do you hide from your friends and family because you're ashamed of what you eat?


Do you flip-flop between a chicken + broccoli diet and cannonballing into a jar of peanut butter?


Have you tried 3+ diets in the past 2 years?

Welcome To A Transformation That Lasts!

No more 3 weeks “on diet” followed by a 1-week Tasmanian Devil in the kitchen.


Learn and apply the tried and true formulas of habit change to your own life. Order confidently from menus, choose late night snacks, enjoy the occasional treat using built habits.


Create the personal life you really want. Stop isolating while you “work” on your body and start making those authentic connections you crave.


Finally get to know real food. Preparing it, cooking it, tasting it, and loving it. No more confusion and overwhelm, no more food fear.



Is today just one more day you’re waiting until you’re eating is “under control”?

I’ve been there.

I’m a recovered sugar addict, diet and fitness industry escapee, and Certified Life + Food Coach.

I guide compulsive overeaters, food sneakers, and chronic dieters to STOP the daily war with food and START showing up as the badass you were born to be.




My Programs Are For You If:



You dread nights out or big events because all you can think about is how your stomach will look in the photos.


You believe tracking every bite of food and cutting carbs is the only way you can reach your goals, which keeps landing you face first in a carton of ice cream.


Your life is defined by numbers; you weigh food, count carbs, measure your waist, and track your steps. For as much as you obsess about food, you despise it.


Your gut sinks when you consider setting your next body goal because you know how painful the heartbreak is when you don’t reach it.


Not sure which package is right for you? Contact me and let’s talk about the transformation you seriously crave, and together we’ll figure out what you need to get there!



Food Addiction is Real

Some researchers say there is no such thing as “food addiction.” At least, not in the true sense of the diagnosable term “addict.” I beg to differ. Just look around you. Food addiction is systemic, woven into the very fabric of dining culture in this country. It’s in the way we are sold food...

[VIDEO!] Low-to-No Sugar, High Protein, Chickpea Cookie Dough!

Today, we’re making plant based, no bake, flourless, dairy free, gluten free, healthy cookie dough! I’m not fucking kidding. This is the best recipe to start with because: you don’t bake it, it has four ingredients, it’s sweet. Hallelujah! Let’s jump right into it because, I don’t know about you, but I hate it...
I'm happy to bring new insight and articles as you journey towards health. You can find my best advice and observations regularly on my blog.

Laura asks the right questions and creates breakthroughs. I am blown away by her authentic desire to support me.

Tania da Costa

I started to realize what I was eating, how often, and why. I finally feel good about myself at the end of a day!

Angela J.


My Manifesto 

  • I believe everyone benefits from exposing the binge-guilt-restrict cycle at the core of diet culture.
  • I believe your ideal weight is the number at which you feel sexy and sane.
  • I believe in defending emotional eating because we are not robots. Food is deeply rooted in culture, tradition, hospitality, and love.
  • I believe the cure for food addiction is not less food, but more human connection.
  • I believe our bodies evolved in perfect harmony with the food provided by the Earth. We don't need powders or special formulations to find health.
  • I believe in living in a body you love, eating foods you love, and connecting with people you love.
  • I believe in you!
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