[Video!] 3 Tricks to NOT Binge on the Holidays!

I want to tell you how I had the best Thanksgiving day I’ve ever had –
and I didn’t binge.

There are just a few tweaks I made this year that made a really powerful shift, and I’m going to tell you what they were.

As a food addict, Thanksgiving has always been the Hell of Hells. Every year went the same:

  • I would sneak food
  • I would overeat
  • I would make myself sick
    I would even make up a reason I needed to run to the store afterward to hide from my boyfriend that I was going to eat more.

So that’s why this is a big deal.
Because I know there are so many other women out there who have that long history of humiliation and frustration with the holidays, especially with Thanksgiving, because it’s a holiday based on nothing but food.
It’s a harvest holiday. It’s about feasting!


I intentionally did not work on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

It allowed me, on Wednesday, to participate in the cooking of the food that we would serve on Thursday. So I was able to go to my family’s house, specifically I was at my dad’s house, and I spent hours with him being involved with the food, and just kind of getting in vibe with the rhythm of the holiday.
And that was magic.

Now, I know that that is something that isn’t available to everyone, but I want to throw it out there, because if it is in any way humanly possible to do that I recommend you do.

If you can, I actually recommend going to work on Friday! Get back to life!
Don’t have a full day of sitting around with leftovers. If you’re a compulsive binge eater, a food addict, or, you know, if you’re a chronic dieter, you’re obsessed with being as healthy, and as clean, and losing the weight, and being lean, and you’re scared of so many different foods because they threaten that goal.

I DO NOT suggest having a leisurely Friday sitting around with leftovers and emotionally triggering family members.
That’s a terrible idea.

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Prevent binge eating on Thursday, where Thursday becomes this siloed day, where what I’m telling myself is, “Only today can I have these things.” Putting those criteria to a feasting holiday is just breeding ground for overeating to like a grotesque, sickly level.

At least it is for me.

And I know it is for some of you or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Stop siloing it so its like a speed eating competition – “how much of this treat can I get on this one day because I only have, you know, twelve hours?” To prevent that from happening, I chipped away the walls of that silo.

On Wednesday I intentionally partook in some of the holiday foods before Thanksgiving day.

With dinner, I went ahead and had two of the individual, “fun size,” chocolates, just generic chocolate candies, that are in speciality holiday wrappers.
I don’t know what it is, what magic wizardry happens when you take a chocolate that’s available every day of the year, and you just put it in a wrapper that’s the color theme of the holiday, because suddenly I have to have it.

Now that there’s no magic, weird rules to when I can have this, I can eat it like a much more normal person.Food rules tend to be what make us crazy.


I told someone in my family, who’s a loved one, who would be with me most of the day, “I have some goals for Thanksgiving to try and enjoy it this year and not make myself sick. Here’s what they are. I just wanted to voice it to someone because it feels really supportive to have you on my team. Thank you.”

For me it was actually my dad. And I’m just very lucky that my dad is basically an angel man and I can turn to him for anything.

Those three things helped me be more present, enjoy my food more, enjoy the day more, and have the healthiest Thanksgiving I have had, you know, that I can remember. And it was the healthiest both emotionally and physically.

I had two plates at dinner.
I did have two plates.
That’s okay!
I don’t give a shit.
Why would I give a shit about that?
It’s Thanksgiving! I had a nice, big dinner. And I moved on!

I’m sharing these with you because, if Thanksgiving was shit for you, if just hearing me flutter my eyelashes and talk about how good Thanksgiving was is just like tearing at you, and making you mad – it’s okay!
You’re not hurting my feelings.
I get it.
I would be, too.

Take this info and do 3 things:


I want you to write down how you’ll be able to incorporate the three tricks I used for your next holiday.
I want you to literally write these out, because so much research, all of the research, shows that when you put pen to paper and you list out your goals or your plans, it’s like 90% more likely to happen.

Don’t quote me on that. I don’t know is it’s ninety.  But I know that it’s very real, and that it makes a very real difference.

So I don’t know when you’re watching this video. Obviously, in real time, the next holiday is the December holidays. Depending on what religion or non-religion you are, but it’s the, you know, the New Years’s, the Christmas, the Hanukkah, the Everything.

So, how are you going to use those three tricks?
Can you take a day off work? What day will it be?

If you can’t, how are you going to get into the rhythm of the holiday? Slow down. calm down. Not wake up in a whirlwind.


Can you start having the most triggering holiday foods, three, four days before the actual holiday?
Break down the silo walls, start incorporating that food in some way as many days before the holiday as you can.


Who are you going to ask for support?
You don’t have to tell them you’re a food addict. I don’t usually tell people openly that I’m a food addict. I mean, I’m doing it on the internet now, which is, like, really weird, but, I don’t do it casually in conversation.

How can you say, “I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed.”?
“I’m tired of feeling sick,”?
“I’m tired of feeling distracted,”?
“I’m tired of just feeling, of entering January feeling like I was ‘bad,’”?

Choose terminology that feels safer.
But who can you tell?

Comment below any questions or any concerns that you have because I will make a video about it!

I want help everyone out there who is struggling with this, because I want to be the resource I was looking for when I literally couldn’t stay through a college lecture without getting out to go binge eat. It was the lowest I’ve ever been, and now I want to bring it to light. So I want to answer your questions. Please, don’t hesitate.

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Let’s fucking have like the best new Year’s ever!

Let me know if you need any tips, any more help.  And I’m so glad you’re here.

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