I know what it’s like to spend your life hiding.

To believe if you could:

just get your body lean and fit,
just get over your raging sweet tooth,
just access your confidence,
you could live as your true self,
you would make friends with fun + interesting people,
you could pursue that career/relationship/creative project/adventure...


In my early 20’s, I worked as a fitness and nutrition guru by day,

using phrases like “no excuses”

dishing out diet advice

sticking to my own grueling training plan

All while secretly morphing into a shame-ridden, binge-eating food addict by night.

I hid my wrappers in seat cushions and closets.

I ate alone in my parked car.

I called out sick from sugar hangovers.

In an effort to "fix" myself, I signed up for brutal fitness bikini competitions.

I paid thousands to trainers and coaches.

I intermittent fasted, juice cleansed, weighed and tracked my food, went vegan to paleo and everything in between.

The superficial fitness, nutrition, and weight loss industries chewed me up and spit me out.

Finally, in 2014, I walked away and never looked back.

I dropped out of my bikini fitness competition 2 weeks before showtime.

I quit my job as a personal trainer.

I pursued my Masters in Human Nutrition + Functional Medicine

I earned my Life Coach accreditation through an ICF Training program.

I became obsessed with the study of food addiction, willpower, and the science of behavior change.

Years of study + experimenting taught me this:

The popular approach to diet, fitness, willpower, and discipline is working against our very human nature. 

We've all been duped.

Now, I am a woman on a mission to combine science + soul and teach the truth.
That is why I coach, I write, and I share.

Here, you will find:

Hard science for truths your heart has always known

Connections with other humans to satisfy your soul’s cravings

A transformation from the inside out

I’m so excited to be a part of it.

"I’ve read countless programs and workbooks in this industry, and so many just give the same textbook-style information over and over again. But Laura’s work blows me away. She isn’t afraid to get real. Laura speaks the truth about what the struggle really feels like, and what we’re all really thinking. Right from the get go, you know there’s nothing you can’t say to her. She’s gracious, accepting, and a true teacher."

Erin Meyer

LGPC, Founder of Mindful Healing Works

The Credentials You Care About:

  • 2012 Completed an independent study in Ayurveda at the University of Maryland
  • 2013 Became NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • 2015 Graduated #1 in my program with a BS degree in Nutritional Science
  • 2016 Earned my Coaching Certification and launched Laura Ellen Coaching with a mission to transform the lives of 10,000 women
  • 2018 Enrolled in Human Nutrition + Functional Medicine Masters of Science program

The Deets (You Probably Also Care About):

  • I'm Forever Girlfriend to Justin (9 years strong, baby!) and mama to Jamaica, the English Bulldog
  • I lived in 7 states by the age of 18 and then attended 5 colleges in 3 different states. (Learning how to root-in has been the biggest transformation of my adult life.)
  • I am a lover of history. I would rather watch a Ken Burns documentary than a Hollywood blockbuster any day.
  • I can write a scientific article on Friday, drink tequila on the dance floor on Saturday, and meditate in the woods with a crystal healer on Sunday - and I see no conflicts in this.