No. 9 What Exercising Outdoors Has Taught Me

In the last #SpeakItDontEatIt post, I challenged every one of you badass babes as well as myself to take our movement and exercise routines out-freaking-side. I’ve taken my cardio days out of the gym and to the trail…and sometimes the city sidewalk…and sometimes right through strangers’ lawns in the suburbs. Here’s the revelation my 1:1 […]

No. 8 You Crave Dirt, Not Donuts

Last week, I drove 520 miles to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to plant myself directly in the path of the total solar eclipse. Four-mile trail walks, chilled swimming holes, and a wraparound cabin porch stirred my soul. Crisp river currents pulled at my ankles and smooth gravel crunched under my shoes.  Swarms of butterflies sparkled their […]

No. 4 Connection is the Cure

  Here is what I know. My deepest truth serving as the baseboards in my house of dreams: Connection is the cure. Every time, without exception, connection to other souls is the cure to what ails you. The opposite of sad is not happy, it’s connected. The opposite of afraid? Lost? Losing? Everytime, connection. Often […]