No. 0 Introducing the #SpeakItDontEatIt Blog Series

No. 0 Introducing the #SpeakItDontEatIt Blog Series

#SpeakItDontEatIt is a blog series grown out of one simple but profound concept:

When you speak your truth, you don’t eat it (and then hide the wrappers).

Every time I hit publish, I send out into the depths of the internet a post that is equal parts science and soul, and 100% truth.

This is my message in a bottle for all my sisters out there who feel trapped in compulsive eating, restrictive dieting, sugar addiction, and food sneaking.

I got you, girlfriend.

Connection is the cure.



Navigation Help:

You see at the top of this post, directly under the big, pretty image, where the date and my name are listed?

Directly next to that is “#SpeakItDontEatIt”, and its a clickable link.

Image of #SpeakItDontEatIt clickable link circled to point out its location

When you click that link, you’re brought to a page where you can access every post published in the series to date.

That clickable link will be in every post in the #SpeakItDontEatIt blog series.

Read your heart out <3

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