#SpeakItDontEatIt No. 11 The Myth of “And Then, I’ll Just Maintain”

No. 11 The Myth of “And Then, I’ll Just Maintain”

Typical diets and fitness plans are marketed around an end date:  

“____ Day Fix/Detox/Cleanse/Shred/Diet”

“_____ Week Plan/Fat loss/Bikini Body/Transformation”


So, girlfriend, how many of these of have you done?

…And then re-done.

…And then tried a new one.

When a diet is built around an end date, you’re goals are totally screwed the day you start.

Because you are structuring into your behavior-change plan a date you can stop the new behavior.

Approaching behavior change this way stems from the belief that dieting, fitness, and changing your body is inherently hard and miserable.

So, you package your efforts into short, heroic sprints.

  • Nose to the grindstone.
  • Bear the 10 pm hunger pangs.
  • Stomach the plain grilled chicken and broccoli.
  • Endure the social isolation.

Finally, once the pounds drop and your body morphs thanks to all of the exertion and your virtuous ability to tolerate misery, you can ease up a bit and get back to living again.

Otherwise known as the Magical Land of “I’ll Just Maintain.

Once you’re “allowed” to stop, that’s exactly what you do! YOU STOP! And without fail, the unwanted eating patterns come right back.

If you want to stop the start > rebound > restart cycle, you have to stop building your behavior changes around end dates.

How do you want you feel with your food?

How do you want to feel in your body?

Pursue that and you won’t want to establish on end date!

Pleasure begets pleasure.



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