#SpeakItDontEatIt hidden opportunities in diet and fitness fuck ups

No. 12 The Hidden Opportunities in Diet and Fitness F*ck Ups

Setting goals is a vital and sacred practice.

It matters. There is a distinguishable difference in flow when you focus your intention on an outcome. You can navigate your days and responsibilities with an arrow toward True North.

And yet, the Universe often sends us a lesson we didn’t anticipate. These unanticipated lessons arrive just as we’re navigating toward our Super Special Goal.

  1. Your goal to PR your squats is put on hold from a back injury.
  2. Your food prep goal is put on hold when a little one gets sick. The trip to the grocery store and two hours in the kitchen with 14 Tupperware is replaced with thermometers and tissue piles.
  3. Your summer weight loss goal takes a hit when work gets crazy in March or April. Suddenly you’re working 50 hour weeks and barely skidding through the drive-thru between meetings.

This is going to happen, ladies.

Life is going to keep coming at us.

Every day.

But it does NOT mean tour goals are lost.

You can ALWAYS ask,

“What’s the lesson in this? What is the Universe teaching me here?”

  1. Maybe you need to swallow our pride and spend three months in yoga and foundational movements before you start throwing 100+ pounds on your spine.
  2. You’re a mother, a homemaker, a breadwinner, a daughter, a partner…The diet that works for the 23 year old fitness model on Pinterest may not work for you, boo. One size does not fit all.  Maybe you need a lesson in tailoring your own custom habits. Here is an opportunity to learn what parts of a diet are for you, and what parts to leave.
  3. After summer comes September. Then October. Then the holidays. Then the New Year…There is no deadline on your life. You may not hit your body goal by the month of August, but the Universe is serving you the opportunity to learn boundary setting. How can you maintain self-care even when other spheres of responsibility try to take over? This lesson, should you choose to learn and implement it, will serve you throughout the rest of your life.

You did not anticipate these challenges when you set your diet/fitness/body/health goal.

But what if you decided to search for the opportunity in the challenge?

How much up-leveling and goal crushing would be truly availably to you then?


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