No. 2 When Workouts Become Self-Discipline Instead of Self-Care

No. 2 When Workouts Become Self-Discipline Instead of Self-Care


Taking care of your body shouldn’t be as boring and obnoxious as making an out-of-the-way-trip to the post office.


Your body is not another task on the Good Girl’s To-Do List.

When your workouts become self-discipline instead of self-care, it’s time to press the reset button. Find something that draws you in like monkey bars do a 9 year old.

Insist that your workouts make you feel stimulated and expansive. This is not an “excuse” to get out of exercising. It is holding true to your standards when the bikini-body, 6-pack TV commercials try to sell you short.

  • Add connection by joining group classes or setting gym dates with a friend. Add richness and commune with the divine by taking your exercise out-freaking-side.
  • Bring in stimulation and drive by pursuing a totally new skill (rollerblading? Tap dancing?) or taking a class (adult gymnastics?!).
  • Awaken that feminine fire through dance and LOTS of hips circles.

The only fit people I truly want to imitate are those that thrive off pure passion.

Anything less is body-shaming, a disorder of the soul.



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