No. 3 Step Right Up to be a Bopo Inspo Model

No. 3 Step Right Up and Be a Bopo Inspo Model


We all want to be surrounded by body positivity, but we don’t want to volunteer to be the bopo inspo.

I’m totally calling myself out here.

Like children to a magic show, we are enamoured with women who are real, raw, and bold.

We crave the company of women who dance like no one’s watching, who nail unique personal style and don’t give a damn who likes it, who remind us with their confident, head-thrown-back laughter that LIFE IS FOR LIVING!

But ask YOU to be photographed with your natural belly spilling comfortably over the top of your pants,

Ask YOU to stop holding your body in carefully choreographed micro-poses when you’re on the beach,

Ask YOU to step away from the wall and join the party BEFORE those 15 pounds are off…

…And you turn on the breaks and head for the exit.

I get the gut-churning, sweaty palm, cold sweat response to being seen – like, no editing seen. Trust me, I sooo get it.

But I also know this to be FACT:

You can’t uplevel the company you keep, the fun you have, and the women in your circle if you aren’t willing to uplevel yourself.

The ripple must extend from you.


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