No 6 How Laziness Can Help You Fix Your Diet

No. 6 How Laziness Can Help You Fix Your Diet

Fact: I am lazy as Hell.


– I got a bulldog specifically because I wanted the laziest breed that required the least amount of exercise.

– The only sport I ever played was 3rd grade soccer, and every home video is of me picking dandelions on the field.

– There’s currently a three bags of recycling by my front door I’ve intended to “grab on the way out” for over 5 days.


If you’re lazy like me, this is great for changing your diet.

Hear me out:

If you prefer the path of least resistance, we can simply plant little rows of resistance around your overeating, grazing, binging behaviors. Like a cute picket fence.

This study published in Psychology and Health in 2014 found that if a candy dish was moved from directly next to a subject to an arm’s reach across the table, they ate less candy.

Then, when that candy dish was moved to 5 feet from subjects, they ate waaaay less candy. Infact, 75% of the subjects didn’t eat it at all!

All thanks to laziness (capitol L)!

Want a non-food example of planting resistance? Here ya go:

When the UK passed a law requiring Tylenol be sold in blister packs, so you have to pop out each pill one at a time, instead of bottles, there was a 21% reduction in suicides and accidental poisoning from Tylenol! Because consumers could not longer compulsively grab a handful of pills at a time!

These are tiny, tiny obstacles, yet they have a really significant impact on consumption.

In your eating habits, the compound effects of tiny obstacles over the course of a month, 6 months, a year, can be HUGE!

This isn’t about restriction or willpower, it’s about embracing your lazy ass human nature!

What simple resistance fences can you put up?

Here are three ideas:

1. Instead of driving with your road snacks staring at you from the passenger seat, beckoning you to reach over for just one more handful, keep them in the trunk.

– When it’s really time to eat, you can pull over and grab ‘em.

2. Keep your most intense trigger foods in the freezer.

– The thawing process is enough work that you’ll be forced to consider, “is this really the right time?” If yes, thawing is no big deal. If it’s not, lean into your laziness.

3. Don’t buy desserts, buy the ingredients to make desserts.

– There are SO MANY benefits to this beyond the simple energy hurdle. It’s the opportunity to find joy in dessert beyond just taste. It’s reclaiming your power from food manufacturers by getting to know food as participatory alchemy rather than purchased product.

What ideas do you have?!

Tell me in the comments!

I’m going to collect them all and create a master list for you ladies! So please share, we need you!


P.S. I learned of the two resistance examples above (the candy bowl study and the Tylenol laws) in Traci Mann’s brilliant book Secrets from the Eating Lab. Give proper credit, people.


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