No 7 I Dropped Out of Every Diet Program I Ever Joined

No. 7 I Dropped Out of Every Diet Program I Ever Joined

But, so hear you me, it was never, ever due to a lack of motivation, focus, or willpower.

It was because the engine of the Weight Loss Industry Machine is fueled by consuming women’s entire lives.

Every program I committed to burned through my motivation, focus, and willpower in a matter of weeks. And once those were gone, the flames demanded more:

  • My relationship with my boyfriend (Sorry, babe, can’t cuddle. I hate my body, remember?)
  • Any possibility of finding and making girlfriends (Go to a party? Join a new hobby? Please, body goals over all!)
  • My nights and weekends (I’m trying intermittent fasting, so I really can’t go out and be tempted to eat after, ohhhh, 7 O’CLOCK!)
  • My ability to fall asleep at night (I’m fucking up. I’m fucking up. I’m fucking up.)

Does that look like a lack of motivation, focus, or willpower to you?

Screw anyone who tells you that burning out on a diet or fitness program is a YOU problem.

It’s a PROGRAM problem.

When fire scorches the landscape, blame the anarchist. Not the land rich with timber and grass.

Don’t let the seductive (billion-dollar) marketing campaigns full of spandex, obliques, and before and after photos convince you to shovel every ounce of your rich life into the flames of the machine.

What do you need to live as the whole YOU?

How can you fire-proof those needs?



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