#SpeakItDontEatIt No. 8 You Crave Dirt, Not Donuts

No. 8 You Crave Dirt, Not Donuts

Last week, I drove 520 miles to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to plant myself directly in the path of the total solar eclipse.

Four-mile trail walks, chilled swimming holes, and a wraparound cabin porch stirred my soul. Crisp river currents pulled at my ankles and smooth gravel crunched under my shoes.  Swarms of butterflies sparkled their wings in the sides of my vision. The uphill climbs pumped blood through my veins and the crystal clear swimming holes rinsed my soul clean.

I found myself wondering, What have I been doing with my life?

Hiking this trail is the best "workout" I've had in months

Most of us live the totality of our lives inside of series of buildings.

I do.

But that is not living.

We need earth, ladies.

Our hearts that crave love, abundance, and awe. When we wall ourselves off from Mother Earth, we fill that craving with mini powdered donuts and Cheez-its.

Today, I give you a challenge:

Start taking your workouts outside.

I’m taking on this challenge myself.

  • A trail walk, run, vigorous hike, 2 mile stroll…
  • Yoga, Hiit circuits, sprints…
  • The basketball court, a volleyball net, a soccer goal…

I don’t care, just get OUTSIDE!


For the next week, see how it feels. 

Observe what it does for your body and soul. 

Reflect on its ripple effect on your eating habits.

Give your soul some time away from the stuffy gym with fluorescent lighting and blinding egos. Surrender to the abundance of the cosmos, right here on Earth.


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