#SpeakItDontEatIt No. 9 What Exercising Outdoors Has Taught Me

No. 9 What Exercising Outdoors Has Taught Me

In the last #SpeakItDontEatIt post, I challenged every one of you badass babes as well as myself to take our movement and exercise routines out-freaking-side.

I’ve taken my cardio days out of the gym and to the trail…and sometimes the city sidewalk…and sometimes right through strangers’ lawns in the suburbs.

Here’s the revelation my 1:1 time with Mother Nature has brought me:

The problem with gyms is they are self-centered.

Don’t get me wrong, I want you to love yourself shamelessly, girlfriend.

But, self-centeredness is not the same as self-compassion.

Gym culture is all:

  • Me vs me.
  • My reflection in the mirror.
  • My next PR.
  • My next body goal.
  • My next set, next rep, next mile.

^That is self-centered. And toxic. And exhausting.

You love yourself best when you are part of something greater, something magic, something eternal.

You know, like, the Earth.

So get the hell outside.

Your body and your eating habits will heal in response.

Remember: Connection is the cure.


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