How to Stop Overeating Holiday edition

[VIDEO!] How to Stop Overeating: Holiday Edition

I have three tricks to make Christmas holiday parties, meals, and feasts go smoothly, and keep you from:

  • binge eating

  • food sneaking

  • compulsively overeating

I have three rules, plus I have a bonus fourth rule. It’s not a rule, it’s a trick, incase you missed the Facebook Live that I did two days before Thanksgiving this year.

Now, I really, really am excited to make this blog between the holidays because I love having a half time huddle, especially if Thanksgiving went really, really shitty for you.  If you were eating eight slices of pie,

and sneaking cookies in your pockets so you could go eat them in the bathroom,

and pretending to make extra errands, like helping clear the table, when really all you were doing was eating bits and pieces of leftovers off of other people’s plates…

Yeah, I know every.single.trick.

Let’s make Christmas better!

Trick #1

Trick number one is hardly a trick. What it is is routine.

No matter what event you have that day, no matter what event you had yesterday, you eat breakfast, you eat lunch, you eat dinner.

That means if Christmas Eve is the big shebang, you know, Grandma has like three hams, and there’s four hundred different types of casseroles, and your favorite buttered biscuits, that’s fine. That’s dinner. You’re going to have a nice dinner. That’s all it is, guys. A nice dinner.

You’re also still going to have breakfast, and you’re also still going to have lunch.  And I know that’s really scary for a lot of you, but think about also how safe that feels. Just kind of nest into how reliably safe it is to eat that way – a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner. 

Say you’re having a girls’ holiday party that’s nothing but wine and desserts. Then you’re going to have dessert that day, after dinner. Or after lunch. You can do this! You still have your breakfast, you still have your lunch, you still have your dinner. After one of those, somewhere in there, you’re going out for a glass of wine and a couple cookies with a friend. It’s okay.

Trick #2

Before you go to an event, or a party, or a meal, or a treat, that you know is especially triggering, eat a base layer.

Don’t go into a triggering event already hungry. That’s insane. That’s a terrible idea. Bring a smoothie. Eat half a sandwich. Eat a sushi roll or two. Just go in with a nice base layer.

 Note: Food bars are iffy. I don’t know about you, I’ve never eaten a food bar and been like, “Ooh, don’t worry, I’m fine now.” Never, like, never.

Don’t go to a happy hour hungry. You get the small plates – you’re going to end up having like six, seven, eight of them, and keep drinking.  You’re setting yourself up for overeating if you go to a triggering event hungry!

I get a lot of pushback on this. People are like, “Well doesn’t that defeat the point of going?” Was the point of going to overeat? Or was the point of going to socialize?

Trick #3

Do not sneak any food.

I love this rule because this rule changed my life. It was also the hardest thing to do.  Because you’re already ashamed that you’re an overeater, and you feel like a freak. You feel like nobody gets it. You just want to hide how embarrassed you are that you’re the weirdo who could literally eat an entire pie by herself and then make her way to the casserole, you sneak things.

What that does is that continues to perpetuate this idea that you have something to hide, and so you keep hiding. I mean, there is so much research to back this up. If you stop food sneaking, you crawl out of your shame cave and rejoin the world. That’s how this changed my life.

No food sneaking means that, if you’re going to end up having twenty cookies, and those frosted rice krispies treats, your uncle’s mousse cake, you eat them.

Sitting down.

With everyone.

I know…doesn’t it make your, like, shoulders shudder? That’s okay. It’s okay. Because you know what makes my shoulders shudder? The idea of really cool, funny, interesting, powerful, brilliant, good women, hiding, eating rice krispies treats, in the kids room.

So, that’s your third rule. And its going to be hard, and then you’re going to do it. And you’ll realize you can do it.

BONUS! Trick #4

Last but not least, if you missed my Facebook Live, this is what I advocate everyone do on Thanksgiving. And if you didn’t, I want you to start now for every event that’s coming up through New Years.

All I want you to do is write down everything you eat. In real time.

Now, like I said on that video, that doesn’t mean you have to like sit at the, at the table and be taking notes with a pen in one hand and a fork in the other. That’s not what I mean. What I mean is, after you have your first plate, go write down what you just had.  And if two hours later, or if two minutes later, you go and have two cookies, I want you to find an opportunity to write it down.  Go to the bathroom and do it in there if you want to just keep it personal.

Here is a link to my Food Log for Food Confidence free PDF!
Click Here to Download Your Free Food Log

I want you two print out a few of them so that you can take notes on there.

The reason you’re writing it down is because now the holidays and the food are not happening to you, you are the one doing it. It shifts that power so that its not one big blur of food, and you can’t quite decipher what happened, but you know it was bad, and you just want to forget.  It’s challenging, because it forces you to stay present.

The Food Log I’m giving you is the exact template I use inside of my Healing Starts Here Food Journal.  I’m obsessed with this. I made this because I know that food journaling is the keystone habit that changes food addicts into more mindful eaters and breaks that intense habit loop that’s on overdrive. There’s so much research to prove it. I know it from my own experience and my own food addiction, and I know it from working with my clients. That’s why I made this. So that there’s something cute, and pretty, and discrete, and you’ll actually freaking use it!

Go ahead and print a couple of the FREE templates out so that you can get started right now.  See if it works for you. I just want to make this available to you because it works and because you shouldn’t feel disempowered during a holiday thats about celebrating togetherness, and gratitude, and love.

Alright, so those are my four tricks, four tools, for rules, to not binge eat on Christmas.

Regroup, to really enjoy the holidays, and to leave Thanksgiving behind.  Leave it behind.  Forget about it. Start today.  Start with these four tricks today.

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