4 tricks to top eating when you're bored!

[VIDEO!] 4 Tricks to STOP Eating When You’re BORED!

Today, I’m going to teach you four ways to end boredom eating.

I bet you found this post while eating, bored, scrolling online.

Caught ya, bitch!

So, I’m going to spoon feed you some options to help you stop:

  • overeating
  • grazing
  • snacking
  • munching mindlessly
  • when you’re bored.

>>Make sure you check out my recent post<< about how to handle treats in your house. It includes a nice short video that gives you some really cool tricks to make that binge food and snack food with less accessible.
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Trick #1

The habit of just hand-to-mouth consuming food – that runs deep. That’s a real neurological habit loop that your body is used to. If you’re just going to try to just stop cold turkey, it won’t work. Your neurology and your brain is going to fight back.

So, what you have to do is make that habit malleable and start to shift it softly. Push it softly to a more desirable behavior.

Shift from snacking to drinking tea.

Guess what I got!

BODUM Schiuma Black Turbo Milk Whip


This is a milk frother. It’s Bodum brand.

This thing was $7.

Get yourself some coconut creamer and start making London Fogs,


herbal teas…

It’s perfectly halfway between consuming nothing and eating snacks. Retrain that brain!


Trick #2

Another thing you can do if you’re bored and mindlessly shoving shit in your mouth: Write down everything you eat. We need to take it out of mindlessness and into thoughtfulness.

A lot of people are very resistant to writing this down because it feels confrontational. This isn’t to be confrontational! Think of the Food Journal as your accomplice. It is your teammate to change your behavior.

A lot of people want to start by putting a note in their phones. If that’s the only way to get you to start, that’s fine. But, the goal is really to migrate to pen to paper. Because, when it’s on your phone, as soon as you press the “lock” button and put your phone down, it’s gone from the environment.

That’s why people prefer it! You don’t have to be aware anymore!

However, when you put it on pen and paper, a physical object in your space, it’s very real.

If you want to change your eating behaviors, it starts with writing down what you’re doing. If you don’t want this one, just get a notebook and a pen. I don’t care. But you’ve got to start writing it down.

Trick #3

(is it really a trick, though?)

This is not going to be a very popular answer. But, I’m going to go ahead and put my feelings out there and call it like I see it:

Why are you bored?

Like, you guys, it is 2018! The best year in history to be a human!

There’s more shit for you to do than ever.

You can do anything!

Go do something with your hands!

Get involved.

I sit around and make Youtube videos. Like, nobody watches these yet! I don’t care! I talk about what I’m passionate about. What are you passionate about? Start doing something with it!

I think we’re sitting around and eating, not because we’re bored. On a deeper layer, what you are is unfulfilled.

To me, that really lands.

I know this is my truth. I know I was a compulsive eater, a constant grazer, a binger because I was completely unfulfilled.

Trick #4

This very practical trick just came to me:

Get out of your house.

Get out.

Changing the environment is a key element to changing a habit. Even if you’re sitting around doing nothing, go sit around and do nothing in a different space. Go to a café. I go to cafes probably four times a week! Just to change the environment.

If you’re not going to do anything but sit on your couch and snack, go do nothing and walk around the block. Go do nothing and walk around the mall if it’s cold outside. Go.

Get out.

Get out into the world.


I think it’s possible you clicked on this post hoping I would give you one magic trick so you’ll never eat while bored again.

But, there’s more to this than just handing you 20 different little, like, mini activities you could do to like distract yourself. Those are band aids. We want to heal.

The way I coach is I dig deeper, and I dig deeper, and I dig deeper, and that’s when it gets juicy and that’s when you start making connections with the world around you, and you start showing up and doing the things you want to do, and then you really won’t ever be bored again!

So now that you read through this post, I’m going link for you a pdf download of my Food Log. You can print out as many as you want.

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I try to do that in almost every post – have something in there to help you implement what I just talked about.

It’s the exact layout that’s in the Healing Starts Here Food Journal. Take it. Print it. Get a feel for it. See if you like this layout before you go ahead and buy the Food Journal itself. I made it so you can use it!

Start using them right now. Right now, while you’re scrolling online, sitting and snacking.

I see you!

That’s why it’s here. That’s why I’m here.

I would really love it if you would let me know in the comments below:

Where are you struggling with your diet and with your relationship to food right now?

Is it when your bored? Is it some other situation or scenario in your life right now, some other emotion in your life right now? Let me know. I would love to write a post or even a video on it because, as you can see, I love this shit.

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I want to be the support I needed four years ago

when I was binge eating, restricting, and exercising in an abusive way to myself.

Do you know how good it feels to not do that anymore?

Do you know how good it feels to spend my life telling other women what I’ve learned about ending that shit and finding health and real happiness?

It’s a dream come true.

It’s a dream come true to get to do this and give this information to you and connect with you.

I’m so proud of you, and I’m so glad you’re here.
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