The BEST Diet Goal for the New Year From a Womens Diet Coach

[VIDEO!] The BEST Diet Goal for the New Year! | From a Women’s Diet Coach

Today, I’m going hand you what I think is the most effective and the most potent New Year’s Resolution you can have for 2018.

Let’s make it the year everything changed. Live in peace with food and have a healthy body and a healthy diet.

Make sure you read to the end because I have a free gift for you to help you make headway on your New Year’s goals.

I hope you read this post that teaches you exactly how to set a New Year’s Resolution the right way.  Assuming you have set your New Year’s Resolutions the right way, let’s just dive right into it. Let’s get right to the point.


The BEST New Year’s Resolution for a healthy diet is:

Add one new veggie to your diet every two weeks.

That means only two every month! You can do this! Now, when I say vegetable I don’t actually mean just vegetables. What I really mean is any plant food.

Plant food means: anything that grew on a fucking farm.

The beauty of this goal is as you add new plant foods to your diet, those start to take the place of processed foods.  And what we know from all of the research and this mega study by Yale is that all this arguing about carbs versus low fat versus high fat versus high protein – we’re missing the forest for the trees!

What really matters: is it in it’s whole form? Or, is it a processed food product?

So, what you’re going to start doing is very slowly adding a new plant food every two weeks, so that your diet starts to open up to whole foods. And as it does that, there’s less space for the processed foods.

Be honest, like how doable does this sound? This is so doable!

I want you to imagine how different your life and your diet would be if you went around every day knowing that you’re someone who eats a smorgasbord of vegetables and plant foods. You would never need diet again! You would be eating whole, plant-based foods. You would be at your optimal health.

Here’s how to make this actually happen:

Start with vegetables or plant foods you already like! That’s not cheating. That’s being smart. It’s going ahead and making the habit as easy to start as possible.

If you already know you love lentils,  start with lentils. This two weeks, make lentils two different ways that you’ve never tried before. And now you’re already stacking up some wins.

Then, as you’re stacking up these wins, work your way to things that you maybe have never tried. Maybe it’s something like more exotic, like you want to try breadfruit. And see how you cook with breadfruit. See how you make salads with breadfruit. See where the hell you can buy breadfruit.

And then maybe make your way to things you’ve tried and you thought you didn’t like, but you’re going to try making them in completely new ways this time. So let’s say you try making brussel sprouts and you’ve never made brussel sprouts before. If the first time you make it, they suck – it’s cool! You’ve got a whole other week to try again. Try a completely different approach. And if after two weeks you still just don’t like them, it’s over! You’re going to try something new. It’s been two weeks.

Your best resource to make this happen is Pinterest, girlfriend!

Here’s the trick I use – I type in the food I’m trying to cook with. So let’s say you’re trying to cook with just carrots:

All you do is type in “carrots.”

And if you know you love garlic, type in “garlic.”

If you know you don’t want to use oil, type in “oil-free.

If you know you don’t want to use salt, type “salt-free.”

You can type in “five minute” as part of the criteria for the recipes you want to look at.

And then the word, “recipe.”


You guys, there’s no excuse anymore!  You can so do this.

The diet is dead. Dieting is dead. RIP 2017, The diet is dead.

It is time to make it about adding as many healthful foods as you possibly freakin’ can. And you can do it slowly and surely, so that you don’t get frustrated and quit. That’s why this is my number one New Year’s Resolution for 2018. And I am handing it to you. It is my gift to you.

If you’re someone thinking “Sorry, boo, can’t do it. I can’t eat vegetables. I hate them,” I want you to leave a comment below.

I want you to tell me if you have it your mind that you don’t like veggies. I’m considering making a full blog post and video specifically for all my ladies out there who are convinced that the only vegetable they like is french fries. I see you. I’d love to break down how to change your actual palate. Because, yes, it is possible.

If you know someone who would benefit from this video, please share it.  Let’s spread it. Let’s get the word out there.

Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’m going to make a video every single week. I’m obsessed with this topic and I want this to be a safe space where you can come for all of the tricks and tips and actual practicality and science to living more soulfully and at peace with your diet.

And don’t think I forgot! Now that you’re here, I have for free for you!

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My “What Kind of Eater Are You?” Workbook! It is 100 percent FREE. The workbook breaks down through a series of steps exactly where you’re struggling the most. Because if you’re not aware of what’s going on, of where you’re struggling, and why you’re messing up where you’re messing up, then you’re just trying to take aim in the dark. Without that aim, you’re not going to hit your mark.

It is a process to formulaically break down what’s going on, so you have a really clear picture of exactly where you’re aiming. And that’s what I want you to be able to do this new year.

So there’s my number one New Year’s Resolution, from one food health coach to you! Take it. Use it.

I’m so proud of you for showing up for yourself, and keep coming back.

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