How to NOT BINGE on Holiday Leftovers in your house

[VIDEO!] How to Handle Treats in Your House!

I’m going to teach you exactly how to handle all the desserts, treats, and holiday candy left in your house.

It’s still sitting around, tucked away in the cupboard. You’re trying not to open the packages because you’re supposed to be “back on track,” “back on your diet,” and hitting those New Year’s resolutions.

So, what the hell do you do with all the candy that’s now collected in your damn house? I’m going to help you with that.

Most people make the mistake of saying, “Ok it’s time to get back on the diet,” and clear their whole house of anything that’s tempting.

Especially desserts, and sweet,s and treats.

I hope that if you watch my videos up to this point I have conveyed adequately that that is a terrible idea.

Repeat after me:

“The further I draw back my restriction, the further my binge launches.”

Right? This is behavior science. This is neurology. Your brain fights back. How do you go from just compulsively stuffing yourself with all of these holiday treats from Thanksgiving through Christmas, to eating them sanely?

I’m going to teach you my trick. You guys ready?

We’re going to do the Tuck ‘n Roll.

The Tuck ‘n Roll is how you respond to when shit gets messy, to when you trip up.  If the holidays were just one big trip up – which is OK. It’s a feast. People feast. You’re all right, boo. All you have to do is Tuck ‘n Roll.

Tuck ‘n Roll means do NOT come to a hard stop. You do NOT stop eating all these treats today, or right at the new year. I guarantee – you guys, I fucking promise, you are more likely to hit your body, your fitness, your weight, your diet, your health goals if you Tuck ‘n Roll instead of try to hard stop.

Evidence number one:

Ghirardelli holiday chocolates.

My Trick to Not Binge On Chocolate 2

What do you do?

You keep these fuckers in the freezer.

If they’re frozen, I can’t binge eat them.

I don’t want to eat a lot of sugar. I would like to not even have sugar every single day. But, as I’m learning to find normal eating again after the holidays, I’m going to Tuck ‘n Roll. Which means intentionally incorporating very triggering holiday foods every single day until it doesn’t make me anxious, or nervous, and I’m not scared of it.

Every single morning, I take two of these out and I set them on my counter and I let them thaw. I have those two chocolates. And that is my treat for that day.

So what do you do if the holiday desserts and treats you have around aren’t these perfectly pre-wrapped, individual serving size squares. What do you do?


Use ziplock bags to freeze treats


You bag them!

You take those yogurt covered pretzels. You take that caramel popcorn. You take those fudge brownies grandma left in the baking dish in your house, and you divide them into individual serving sizes and you put them in the freezer. It’s that easy!

Then, every day you pull one baggie out, you let it thaw, you have one. Until you know they can live in your space and you can handle yourself around them. Until you can have one a day, and you’re good.

What I do is,

I pull mine out in the morning and I set them on the counter. Why specifically so early? Because, every time I see them on my counter and I say, “not yet,” I am building my willpower muscle.

If you don’t yet have a lot of willpower, then you’re going to have to build that muscle. What you do is pull it out like an hour before you’re going to eat it, so maybe you pass it once. You just strengthen your willpower a little bit!

And then maybe in two weeks, you start pulling it out two hours, three hours before. You’re going to get stronger in your willpower. You’re doing the Tuck ‘n Roll!

This is like training camp. You’re literally training your willpower, your training your adaptability. You are training your control with food. This is possible for you! There’s real science and research to back this up. So get yourself some goddamn Ziplocs off Amazon.

Here’s my gift for you.

Click Here to Get My Food Log for Food Confidence!

Print out as many as you want.  It is the exact template of my Healing Starts Here Food Journal. Every day, when you have your Tuck ‘n Roll treat, write down the situation and thoughts you have in the Food Log. This is what makes the Healing Starts Here Food Journal different from other food journals.

Awareness is the first step towards change. So you must become aware of what you’re thinking when you’re eating. You must become aware of how your eating is different depending on what you’re thinking. That is the magic in the Tuck ‘n Roll treats.  We are changing what you think about having these foods around.

Make sure you comment below.

Tell me what foods you’re going to use this trick with. And let me know of any help you need to make 2018 your healthiest, most food sane year yet.

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Make this year the year you start actually showing up for life instead of waiting until you have your food under control to start fucking living. That’s enough. You’ve done that for too many years. It’s 2018.

This is your year. I got you, boo.

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