Today, I’m a gratefully recovered, self-loathing perfectionist. I’ve been low carb, high carb, high protein, IIFYM, paleo, vegan, raw vegan, a juicer, and an intermittent faster. I worked as a personal trainer, a weight loss coach, and trained as a bikini competitor. I got the body, earned the degree, and found my soul mate. Yet, I still hated myself and hid from the world. I’ve spent years studying how to feel confident around food by leveraging human nature instead of fighting it. Now I’m ready to help you do the same! Read more of my story HERE.



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No. 11 The Myth of “And Then, I’ll Just Maintain”

Typical diets and fitness plans are marketed around an end date:   “____ Day Fix/Detox/Cleanse/Shred/Diet” “_____ Week Plan/Fat loss/Bikini Body/Transformation”   So, girlfriend, how many of these of have you done? …And then re-done. …And then tried a new one. When a diet is built around an end date, you’re goals are totally screwed...

No. 10 Who Decides What You Can and Can’t Eat?

What would you DO if you stopped listening to that voice that says you can’t? Ahh, the possibilities… Where would you GO if you stopped listening to that voice that says you can’t? The coasts, the forests, the city cafes… Who would you TALK TO if you stopped listening to that voice that says...

No. 9 What Exercising Outdoors Has Taught Me

In the last #SpeakItDontEatIt post, I challenged every one of you badass babes as well as myself to take our movement and exercise routines out-freaking-side. I’ve taken my cardio days out of the gym and to the trail…and sometimes the city sidewalk…and sometimes right through strangers’ lawns in the suburbs. Here’s the revelation my...
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Tania da Costa

I started to realize what I was eating, how often, and why. I finally feel good about myself at the end of a day!

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