Today, I’m a gratefully recovered, self-loathing perfectionist. I’ve been low carb, high carb, high protein, IIFYM, paleo, vegan, raw vegan, a juicer, and an intermittent faster. I worked as a personal trainer, a weight loss coach, and trained as a bikini competitor. I got the body, earned the degree, and found my soul mate. Yet, I still hated myself and hid from the world. I’ve spent years studying how to feel confident around food by leveraging human nature instead of fighting it. Now I’m ready to help you do the same!



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[VIDEO!] Low-to-No Sugar, High Protein, Chickpea Cookie Dough!

Today, we’re making plant based, no bake, flourless, dairy free, gluten free, healthy cookie dough! I’m not fucking kidding. This is the best recipe to start with because: you don’t bake it, it has four ingredients, it’s sweet. Hallelujah! Let’s jump right into it because, I don’t know about you, but I hate it...

[VIDEO!] 4 Tricks to STOP Eating When You’re BORED!

Today, I’m going to teach you four ways to end boredom eating. I bet you found this post while eating, bored, scrolling online. Caught ya, bitch! So, I’m going to spoon feed you some options to help you stop: overeating grazing snacking munching mindlessly when you’re bored. >>Make sure you check out my recent...

No. 12 The Hidden Opportunities in Diet and Fitness F*ck Ups

Setting goals is a vital and sacred practice. It matters. There is a distinguishable difference in flow when you focus your intention on an outcome. You can navigate your days and responsibilities with an arrow toward True North. And yet, the Universe often sends us a lesson we didn’t anticipate. These unanticipated lessons arrive...
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Laura asks the right questions and creates breakthroughs. I am blown away by her authentic desire to support me.

Tania da Costa

I started to realize what I was eating, how often, and why. I finally feel good about myself at the end of a day!

Angela J.


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