30 Day Journal

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90 Day Journal

portable easy 90 day food journal

Easy to Use Portion Size Chart included in Food Journal
  • 30 Day or 90 Day Habit Tracker
  • Illustrated Portion Size Chart with over 12 foods!
  • Personalized prompts to get you motivated and connect to your unique goals.
food log pages inside daily food journal
  • SUPER simple and sleek. I didn’t pack it with pages of introduction or how-to’s. Just open it up and get to tracking.
  • Limitless entries per day. Eat 3 times today or 8, the journal supports your real life.
  • Print reminders to order your next Food Journal so you never miss a day!
discrete purse size food journal for travel
  • Slim, purse size.
  • Ultra discrete cover.

You don’t want a bulky spiral notebook with “MY FOOD DIARY” screaming in hot pink on the cover.

Food journaling should be as private as you wish it to be.


Food Journal For Successful Weight loss
Katie DePaola, Founder of Inner Glow Circle

Two versions available!

Just $15!
Sara Chambers, Chicks Who Give a Hoot
Cassandra, Le Celeb, LeCeleb.com

Make Food Confidence Your New Normal!